A Top Honor for Z’s Amazing Kitchen

A Top Honor for Z’s Amazing Kitchen

The people have spoken, and they have declared that Z’s Amazing Kitchen is their favorite restaurant. It may have been a little hard to understand them because their mouths were full of the tasty Tuna Poke, but it’s true — Z’s was recently voted the Best Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach by MyrtleBeach.com.

Nabbing the top spot wasn’t easy. Z’s faced some stiff competition from some well-established and very deserving restaurants. But even though the flavorful fast casual eatery is relatively new to the North Myrtle Beach area, it quickly made a big splash that got diners’ attention in a hurry.

Take one look at the menu, and you can see why customers can’t get enough of Z’s. They literally can’t get enough of it — as in, there are so many fantastic-sounding dishes to choose from, you could eat there every day for a year and still might not be able to try everything. It’s also the kind of place where you feel like you could close your eyes, point to anything on the menu and love it. Nowhere else can you find such variety prepared with such care and quality.

The term “fast casual” can be misleading for Z’s. After placing your order, your meal might beat you to the table; but it’s clear that every plate is carefully prepared. While Z’s is somewhere you can get into and out of during your lunch hour, the atmosphere is so warm and inviting, you’ll wish you could spend the entire afternoon there.

The next time you’re having a tough time deciding where to eat, trust the recommendation of the thousands of people who voted for Z’s Amazing Kitchen as the MB.com’s Best Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach.


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