A fast-casual eatery quickly rising up the ranks

A fast-casual eatery quickly rising up the ranks

Z’s Amazing Kitchen seems to grow more popular every day. Despite opening its doors just a couple years ago in 2015, the fast-casual eatery now seems to be a fixture on the Myrtle Beach area culinary scene. NorthMyrtleBeachHotels.com has further added to the hype surrounding Z’s by including the young restaurant on its list of “10 Great North Myrtle Beach Restaurants to Try.

Understanding that locals and tourists alike can have a difficult time deciding where to eat along Highway 17, NorthMyrtleBeachHotels.com singled out some of the higher-caliber choices in a sea of the same old thing. Indeed, several of the restaurants selected for this list are sit-down type places with top-dollar menu choices.

This is what makes it so impressive that Z’s is featured alongside all these dining options typically suited for special occasions or an extravagant night out on vacation. Usually, the label “fast casual” implies lowering expectations and lowering the bar on quality in order to get lower prices. But Z’s isn’t like other get-in-and-get-out type eateries. Co-founders Paul Zito and Joey Mead both have strong culinary backgrounds. Together, they have figured out a way to use fresh ingredients to craft flavorful dishes on par with fine-dining restaurants at a price anyone can stomach.

The next time your group of friends is feeling indecisive about where to eat, or if you’re trying to feed the entire family without breaking the bank, remember that Z’s Amazing Kitchen was ranked one of the “10 Great North Myrtle Beach Restaurants to Try.”


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